Take a Walk on the Wild Side

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Why?  Well, imagine everyday being the same.  A perfect morning after perfect sleep, perfect day of existence, to go to bed and get perfect sleep again.  Sounds great for a minute then you see how everything being perfect isn’t really perfect.  So how does a spirit experience the ups and downs, good and bad?  First, you give free choice.  Second, you give polarity to everything so there’s something to choose from.  So, if we are here to experience, then why do we want to water it down with the boring, safe and supposedly good things everyday?  It’s time to have fun, real fun.  Do something outrageous.  Leave that comfort zone.  It’s not going to kill you (and if it does you’ll get to come back and try some more).  I’m not talking about harming anyone or yourself on purpose but experiencing something that takes your breath away, makes your heart beat faster, something that makes you feel alive.

Blessed Be,



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