Power in Words

We are all born with creative powers.  The formula is simple, “Think the right thoughts, Say the right words, Do the right thing.”  When learning this, there is a great emphasis on the first part of thinking the right thoughts and rightly so but equally important is the next two parts.  Saying the right words is important, especially when practicing Wicca.  In studying ancient grimoires,  words were chosen carefully with specific meaning when casting spells. All spells came with instructions to say specific words in a specific order.

Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto did several experiments freezing water in various conditions.  One experiment he labeled samples of water with words, both positive and negative.  The samples labeled with positive words (i.e. love, blessing, joy, etc..) formed beautiful symmetrical crystals while the ones labeled with negative words (i.e. hate, anger, violence, etc…) formed distorted crystals.

The lesson is simple, choose your words carefully.  There is power in them.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,



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