After many years of frustrations blowing up in my face and life, I found the reason why.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, it began around 2009 when I started to awaken to my true self.  While I’ve been on this journey since birth, it was then I could see it and see me.  I have been able to learn and grow in ways I never thought possible before.  It came to me in a dream.  The words I read, the videos I watched, all of the explanations I needed to process.  It all made sense, in a way unlike I’d ever known anything before.

Everything is energy.  Energy is constantly in motion, changing in and out of form.  Thought is energy. Emotion is energy.  If it’s constantly moving, where does it go?  Where we want it to.  We are conduits with the ability to direct the power of the universe where we want it to go.  It comes to us, goes through us, into the form we desire.

I’m thinking Hot Wings for lunch.

Blessed Be,



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