Starting Points

When I first started learning and practicing Wicca, I read everything I could get my hands on.  Some things made sense some did not.  I wasn’t sure where to begin.  Then it occurred to me (or rather the universe told me) to start where I was.  It sounds so Zen but it is true.  First I had to take a moment and see exactly where I was, then I had to find one thing that resonated with me and begin doing that.  Of course things began to fall into place.  I wasn’t always able to do that.  For a great part of my life I would jump in and try to get from A to D without steps B and C.  A hard but great lesson was learned after many bungled attempts.   Failure is one of the greatest teaching gifts we have.  And as it’s been said, “The only real failure is not taking the chance to try.”  But when we do fail (and we will at times), the next step is to learn from our mistakes and start again.  Each time we do, we are adjusting our starting point until that moment we realize that we’ve achieved what we set out to do simply by starting.

We have an unlimited power within us to think a thought, give it life with our words, and manifest it into existence with our action.  Simply start.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,



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