The Other World

When we’re young, our physical world was limited.  Usually to the house we lived in, the yard or neighborhood and sometimes our room (especially when sent there by our parent(s).  But we escaped by using our imagination.  We’d find a toy or toys and build a bigger world, with all the fun and excitement we wanted.  Whether it was toy soldiers taking a battlefield, or dolls in a house or cars driving treacherous roads, they came to life and we explored the limitless possibilities.  Then as we age we begin to reign in imagination and become lost in the “real world”.  All of a sudden we find ourselves many years later wondering what happened to our lives.  Then we awaken again to all the possibilities that lie in that other world, the one we can create.  But it doesn’t seem as easy this time because we’re full of reality BS.  It’s time to let go and create that other world again, letting go of what we think is possible and create what we want.  No rules, no limits.  Be the billionaire, the artist, the writer, the mad scientist, the irresistible lover or the magus.  It all starts in the other world and when we cut the reigns we are free.

Blessed Be,



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