Accumulation and Attachment

From the time we are little we begin accumulating many things.  Of course as we grow older we have no problem letting go of the things that are age specific such as toys or clothes we outgrow.  Once we become adults though we seem to find things that we believe we can’t do without and try desperately to hold on to.  We attach to items emotionally, (i.e. pictures, memorabilia) or functional (car, phone, etc..).  But when we do this are we really free?  In my own life I’ve lost many things do to moving or loss of a job which in turn meant losing a car (once with several items I was hanging on to in the trunk).  The lesson I learned was simple, to be truly free means living without attachment to anything.  I know it sounds impossible but think about it.  If you lost everything today, would you be any different inside?  Without the worry of maintaining a certain lifestyle, would you make different choices?  Would you live bolder and take more risks?  I have found from personal experience that we can.  Let go of attachment and be ready to fill yourself with what you want most, experience true freedom.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,




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