The Stream

In the teachings of Abraham with Esther and Jerry Hicks, Life is compared to a stream of water flowing.  When we give up our resistance and “go with the flow” we always get to where we want to go, but when we try to force things to happen we are trying to paddle against the current.  I know in my own life I’ve done it so many times especially where I want it now, but when I stop thinking of when and how it always manifests.  Bringing this analogy into everything I do is helping me to grow leaps and bounds.  If I want to perform a ritual, I envision the outcome before hand, then after the ritual, let it go as if it has already happened.

The wiccan way is just a path of desire, our way to find the universal connection every person wants.  I cannot find the words to express the joy I feel when it all comes together just as I plan.  But then again that is the purpose, to constantly seek to be happy and enjoy this wonderful stream of life.

Blessed Be,



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