Feeling Good, Feeling Bad

I believe it is everyone’s purpose to feel good and by feeling good attract all that we desire.  But if we felt good all the time we’d never know if we felt good, better or best.  The universal law of polarity is in place so we find the good feeling by feeling bad.  So how is it our purpose to feel good?  There is a theory that maintaining a thought for 17 seconds starts the universe in motion to bring that thought into our reality, maintain that thought clearly for 68 seconds and manifestation begins.  It sounds simple and it is but not so easy.  If your mind wanders or loses clarity the stream is then disrupted.  We must have times of feeling bad to gain the clarity of what we want, but by being aware, we can feel the bad, know why it is there and let it go before we manifest more of it.  Then we can FOCUS on what we really want by feeling good about having it.

The universe is constant and consistent.  It moves and breathes in cycles.  Many of which we observe in rituals.  By understanding the universe as a living, breathing being, we understand ourselves and what we are supposed to do by our own design.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,



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