Between Worlds

Today’s post is somewhat an addendum to yesterdays.  It is important for us to know where we come from as witches or practitioners of Wicca.  In studying the history of witchcraft I have discovered many truths.  First, the oldest known grimoires that have been translated (many have not due to elaborate codes used by the magi or witches) prove that witchcraft at one long period in history used spells and magic associated with the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths.  What changed?  Once the church in Rome denounced magic (1300 AD to present) practitioners went “underground”, leading to the clandestine meetings and rituals.  Second, that the witchcraft in Europe came from the middle east and slowly evolved into a form of Paganism by combining rituals and beliefs from several sources (i.e. Greek and Roman mythology, Middle Eastern arts).  Third, Modern Wicca is a new religion, with influence from Thelema, Rosicrucian and Freemason ceremonies.

We cast a circle to go between worlds where we can bring our chosen deities to life, but in truth as I see it, we are living between worlds searching to connect with the universal source of all.

Blessed Be,



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