Living in the Shadows

When the subject of witchcraft is brought up many people think of dark, secret rituals being done to conjure up demons and the like.  In studying witchcraft throughout history, there is another light to be shed.  Up until the 1307 when Pope Clement issued an edict against the Knights Templar, witchcraft was performed regularly to help people with healing, good crops, fair weather etc…  Even the church and rulers had magi or advisors who practiced magic in their courts.  Originally the Pope’s intention was to eradicate the Knights because rumors of these so called rituals, of course as with all history, other factors come into play especially the Knights power, which seems to be more of the reason.  But the nobles and clergy soon began to hunt anyone practicing magic outside the church and the time of witch hunting had begun.  This is where we see witchcraft go underground, so to speak.  Witchcraft soon became an art practiced in the shadows by secret societies like the Rosicrucian order or Free Masons (Which both claim to have come from the knights templar) .  Of course just as it sounds, secret societies were very structured and maintained their secrecy using codes and alias names, in other words, living in the shadows.  Of course this continued until the late 1800’s when people began to expose more and more.  Today, where metaphysical science is merging with traditional beliefs do we need to maintain a veil of secrecy?  Yes, just like the secret societies, there is some information on basics and the overview of belief that has its place in dispelling false beliefs, but, the initiations and rituals should be reserved for those who truly desire it.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,


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