True Power

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  As such we have incredible powers within us if we connect with them.  First and foremost is awareness.  Once we become aware of our “true” selves, we can begin to tap in to all the power our creator has within.  We can control by choice not necessarily what happens but our response to it.  We can remove the pain of betrayal, grief, and anger by choosing to see the greater good and how we are responsible for every thing that happens to us in part or full.  We can choose to heal ourselves inside and out.  We can help others by putting them in touch with that same power withing themselves because we are all connected to each other and our creator.  We have the power to change a seemingly bad day into a glorious, wondrous, magical day with our choosing to focus on the good.  We can rule our lives with the freedom that cannot be taken away.  I am one with the universe, I am free, I am powerful, I am Wicca.

Blessed Be,



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