Question Everything

I found myself agreeing to do something for someone that I didn’t really want to.  I did it somewhat reluctantly and I couldn’t figure out why, so I put the question to the universe.  The answer surprised me.  I was shown how I’ve done it my entire life up to now.  It comes from a limiting belief that when asked to do something for someone I should, simply so I can ask them a favor in return if I need it.  Sort of a Karma thing, but when doing something for someone you don’t really want to do sends the wrong vibrations.  That brings me to the realization that doing for others is good but is best when doing it with a joyful heart.  Then you will reap the karmic reward.  Then I was shown the need to question everything, after all that is how we came to be pagan.  By questioning societal rules and expectations we liberate ourselves to live to our personal ideals.  However, as humans we tend to gravitate toward tradition.  In many cases we simply change one tradition for another.  I’m not saying that is bad or should be done away with but we should always question our motive for it.  Is it blind acceptance or are we choosing our hearts desire?  The only way to find out is to question and no matter what the answer it means we are communicating with the universe, therefore doing exactly what we really want.

Blessed Be,



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