Open the Doors

It has come to me again through an omen that what I want is just beyond the door.  I believe we all experience this whether we realize it or not.  The first and foremost law in this universe is choice.  Each door is the possibility of great happiness or grief depending on our focus.  If our focus is on what we don’t want that is what lies ahead, but if we focus on exactly what we want, that is what lies ahead.  Getting what we want doesn’t come without it’s own price.  In fact there is a universal price for everything in life.  For example, if you are in a relationship you don’t want anymore then the price of a new relationship is the breakup, which will have it’s degree of pain.  If you want some new material item there is the obvious cost for the item that may appear to leave you in a financial dilemma.  It is the faith that what we choose is right for us and that all will work as we want it to.  Find the root of your desire and you will find the answer and the courage to open that door and walk through with confidence.

Blessed Be,



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