The Rede

As I began searching for information on Wicca, I figuratively went down the “rabbit hole.”  I’ve read several accounts of the persons who created this modern day lifestyle and the code(s) laid out to provide cohesiveness.  I was led to an online site that contained information and lessons to learn from.  I am grateful for it’s existence.  Ironically the person responsible for the site has now declared themselves to no longer be pagan but is leaving the site there for the information.  Again, thank you.  One of the courses is “52 Weeks to the Rede”  It is a day by day lesson plan with exercises to do.  Whether or not a person takes this course or studies in some other way, the Rede is the foundation.  Just reading it from time to time isn’t the same as knowing it inside and out.  And how it really relates to each of us as a witch.  I can only say that as I study it daily, I feel the energy grow inside me, like the flame of a fire grows.

Blessed Be,



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