A Lighted Path

As I have begun a new journey into this world of Wicca, I did not get here all of a sudden.  All events in my life have led me to this point.  There is no luck nor is there simply circumstance.  We choose everything based on our core values we develop from the influences we receive.  Our values change as we confront and challenge the ones that don’t feel right.  When we do this deliberately, we are then in control.  When we apply them in daily rituals and habits we become them.  Then our path is lighted just enough for one more step to where we want to go, but as we reach places in our lives we soon lose the ecstasy of arrival and it’s time to move again.  This is the purpose of life, the journey, not the destinations.  That is why Wicca is a journey without end.  There is always something new to learn or do just up the path lighted by the moon.



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